Generally, a dishwasher should last 10-12 years, if used properly and carefully. However, every 1 in 5 dishwashers will actually break within 3-4 years of purchase. If you are fortunate enough, your warranty will cover the repairing issues related to it. Otherwise, if the warranty does not cover the problems, you might have to pay your own expense to get it repaired.

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At Western Appliance, we offer high-quality and the most efficient dishwasher repair in Footscary, Melton. Instead of purchasing a new one, why not allow us to get it fixed? Chances are that the issues that you are facing could be quite simple. You could save tons too!

Working for many years in this field we have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver any kind of appliance repairing solution with proficiency. We have access to high-grade equipment, spare parts, and accessory products to solve any kind of issue involved with your indoor and outdoor appliances.

Let us explore some of the most common dishwasher complaints that could be easily solved by a good dishwasher repair service in Footscary, Melton.

  • Dishes come covered in residue

Do you receive dishes covered in food residues? It could be due to several mechanical issues such as spray arms not spinning properly, blockages in the strain screen or door gasket or else solidified food or hard water deposit too could be responsible for such issues.

  • Your dishwasher leaks onto the floor

Generally, the leaks could stem from problems with the door gasket or float switch or cracks and damages to the washer door. The problem could be easily and safely solved through some repairing tricks. Any professional dishwasher repair service in Footscary and Melton will be able to deal with it.

  • The dishwasher does not start

It could be due to several reasons such as a blown-out fuse, damaged door latches that need to be fixed or replaced, fan motor not spinning. These issues are simple yet require an expert technician to identify them. An amateur service provider will find it difficult to detect such a problem at the initial stage.

If you are looking for an efficient dishwasher repair service in Footscary and Melton, contact us soon and collect your free quote today!

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