Dryer Repair

Dryers form an integral part of the laundry, making them a very important appliance in your home. When you and your family become dependent on this modern laundry room convenience, it can be very frustrating if problems occur. It can also be costly to keep these energy-hungry appliances running when they aren’t operating efficiently. You may see spikes in your energy bills if dryers aren’t in top shape.

Dryers consist of a rotating drum called a tumbler, which works by circulating heated air through items and causing moisture to evaporate. The humid air produced from this process is pushed through the venting system to the outside of your house, making room for dry air to enhance the drying process.

Depending on which type of dryer you have, our team of technicians will provide a quick diagnosis and viable solution for the problem. Call us today for your dryer repair in Melbourne.

Washing Machine Repairs

Perhaps the most common appliance repair we carry out in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Tarneit, washing machine repairs, and service requires the attention of experienced professionals. Our experienced team of technicians is fully trained to carry out washing machine repairs from an extensive range of manufacturers.

We cover Melbourne and the surrounding areas, with weekend times available. You will receive a call 30 minutes before one of our technicians arrives, meaning you don’t run the risk of missing our visit

We carry out cheap and affordable washing machine repairs in Melbourne some of the common problems we come across while carrying out washing machine repairs are

Washing machine not turning on

Before you call us to make sure the switch has been turned on, if the machine still doesn’t turn one check if the wall socket is working. You can do that by connecting another appliance on the same socket or connecting the machine on a different socket. If the machine still doesn’t turn to call us for the washing machine repairs

Machine not spinning

This could be happening due to various reasons, some could be if the machine is a top-loader the lid has to be closed all the way so that it can turn. Make sure the washer hasn’t been overloaded as the machine will go out of balance and won’t go through the cycle.

Washer not draining

This another common reason we get called for. Our advice is to check our pockets before putting clothes in washer.

Regularly clean the drain filter to prevent blockages.

For your washing machine repairs contact Western Appliance Repairs today and let us get our laundry going

Dishwasher Repair

At Western Appliance Repairs, dishwasher repair are fast, reliable and cost-effective. if your dishwasher has stopped working due to any reason, we know how hard it is these days to go without the dishwasher since we rely on dishwasher so much. We extent our services to Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook , Werribee, Tarneit for Dishwasher Repair.

Western Appliance Repairs is your local appliance repair company. We understand how much of an inconvenience your dishwasher breaking down can be. We offer a fast and reliable service. Our experiences technicians are fully trained and approved, ensuring all of our repairs with 12 months warranty on parts and 3 months on labour.

A dishwasher breakdown can mean various things, but the most common things we come across when called out for a repair on dishwasher are as follows

Dishwasher not draining water out

If you dishwasher stops draining water, it would mean it washing our plates and glasses in the same dirty water as it wont fill up with fresh water when it has since it cant drain the old water. The common reasons could be a blocked filter which you can access below the lower basket. Other reasons could be a blocked or a faulty drain pump, If thats case with your dishwasher then give us a call today and let us take care of your Dishwasher Repair Services Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Tarneit.

Dishes not cleaning

We all been through this with our dishwashers. While it may mean that it has dirty filters causing to not clean properly but problem could be more serious than that as the spray arms could also need servicing or maybe the dishwasher is not heating. If thats the case then let us help get your dishwasher repair and call us today

Dishwasher not turning on

This another one reason we get called out for dishwasher repair in your area. The problem could be as simple as a broken wire or could be as serious as faulty electronics. This is not a job you should try doing yourself.

Dishwasher is Noisy

This is more of a serious issue as the noise could mean something is wrong with the wash pump. Using it for a longer period of time with the noise will cause more issues to the wash motor. Give the team at Western appliance repairs a call so that we can take care of you dishwasher repair.

So contact us today and let us take care of it.

Oven Repair Services in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Tarneit

Arranging your oven repairs in your are couldn’t have been easier than this.

At Western Appliance Repairs, Oven repairs are done right the first time.

We have been repairing Electric Ovens in Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Tarneit for over 10 years

With many parts in hand and low charges, you have come to the right place as all the technicians are experienced and qualified in oven repairs as all our jobs carry a 1 year part warranty.

Experienced Oven Repair Technicians

Our experienced technicians are fully trained and our fixed price oven repairs include call out, diagnosis, labour, evaluation, professional safety check and all required replacement parts – so there’s no danger of you being caught out by any extra or hidden charges.

At Western Appliance Repairs, we have listed some problems which you can check before calling us for your oven repairs

  • If the oven is not turning on, check you fuse breaker as oven have a dedicated fuse and it might have tripped and might just need to be turned on
  • If the oven is not turning on, Check if your oven has a timer as in some ovens the timer dials needs to be either turned to Manual or the timer needs to be set so that the oven can start working
  • If the oven has a digital clock and is flashing then all you need to do is set the clock as without it the oven won’t turn on

There are more reasons than listed why your oven is not performing to the point for example

  • oven not heating
  • oven overheating and burning food
  • door not shutting tight
  • oven tripping the fuse breaker

For problems like these or any other problems like. Contact Western Appliance Repairs and Let us take care of your oven repairs services Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Werribee, Tarneit.

You can also find us on Hipages and true Local

Real Estate Appliance Repairs

We offer excellent service and competitive prices. Most jobs can be attended to on the same day and repaired on-site. As soon as we receive the job request we contact the tenant to organize a suitable time. We only charge one service call even if more than one visit is required.

Our Professional Appliance Repair service includes:

  • Highly-skilled and qualified technicians
  • Workshop assistance and support
  • Loan machines if necessary to minimize inconvenience*
  • Supply and installation of the new or reconditioned machine and if necessary dispose of old unrepairable one.
  • 30 days payment period
  • Direct Debit option
  • Email bookings option

Our experience and professionalism are reflected by the many service contracts we have signed with some of the largest Real Estates Companies and Organisations in Melbourne and surrounding areas.

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