Are you facing problems operating your washer? It is not cleaning your clothes properly? In this day and age, a washing machine is a necessity. A day without a non-functioning washer means you have a huge amount of dirty laundry piling up to be cleaned the next day. Why not have a reputed washing machine repair across Footscray and Melton identify the issues involved with it.

At Western Appliance Repairs, we provide the most efficient and cost-effective Washing machine repair across Footscray and Melton to help you solve all your appliance issues and save you tons of money.

Machine Does Not Start

You have put all your clothes into the washer and pressed the start button to find that nothing is happening? Well, don’t worry! We are the most proficient and budget-friendly service to solve the issues for you. The reasons could simply be problems with the plugs or points, circuit breaker or lid switch.

Clothes end up being dirtier

You load your dirty clothes inside the washer, after the entire washing process you get clean clothes that are covered in lint or other debris. Problems could be due to some mechanical damages inside or you are overloading the machine with more clothes than what it can accommodate. Only an experienced washing machine repair across Footscray and Melton service will be able to check into this matter and solve the issue instantly.

Washer Is Making Loud Noises

After prolonged use, your washing machine might start making weird noises. As much disturbing as the noises can be, you should be concerned too. Generally, issues stemming from tub bearings, motor or pump pulley belt results in such loud noises.

If the tub bearings are worn out, they make weird noises when cleaning. These are located directly below the tub. They might make these noises when damaged, in that case replacing the part with a new one can sort the issue. However, sometimes it simply requires lubrication to help reduce the sound. A professional washing machine repair service near Footscray and Melton is the best to understand and deal with such issues.

If the motor of your cleaner gets worn out and damaged, the machine could make weird sounds too. In that case, repairing is the best solution, unless and until too much damage has been made. Another reason that your machine makes noises is when the pump pulley belt is cracked or out of shape. This can be determined if you receive a rubber burning smell.

We offer expert washing machine repair across Footscray and Melton. Contact us now if your washing machine is malfunctioning!

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