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Any problems with your oven call us now – we fix them up efficiently without a hassle! Easy booking – industry standard warranties – fixed price – fully satisfying outcomes, guaranteed!

With many parts in hand and low charges, you have come to the right place as all the technicians are experienced and qualified in oven repairs as all our jobs carry a 1 year part warranty.

Oven Repair Services By Experienced Technicians Across Hooper Crossing, Melbourne

Our experienced technicians are fully trained and our fixed price oven repairs include call out, diagnosis, labour, evaluation, professional safety check, and all required replacement parts – so there’s no danger of you being caught out by any extra or hidden charges.

At Western Appliance Repairs, we have listed some problems which you can check before calling us for your oven repairs

  • If the oven is not turning on, check you fuse breaker as the oven have a dedicated fuse and it might have tripped and might just need to be turned on
  • If the oven is not turning on, Check if your oven has a timer as in some ovens the timer dials needs to be either turned to Manual or the timer needs to be set so that the oven can start working
  • If the oven has a digital clock and is flashing then all you need to do is set the clock as without it the oven won’t turn on

There are more reasons why your oven is not performing to the point for example:

  • oven not heating
  • oven overheating and burning food
  • door not shutting tight
  • oven tripping the fuse breaker

For problems like these or any other problems like. Contact Western Appliance Repairs and Let us take care of your oven repairs.

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