Appliances That We Repair

Western Appliance Repairs is the only trusted local white goods repair company you need! We specialise in repairing and maintenance of all kinds of electrical appliances including electric ovens, dishwasher, washing machine and dryers.

Real Estate Appliance Repairs Melbourne

We have the experience and expertise required to fix all kinds of appliances quickly and efficiently at a cost-effective rate. Same day service – on-site repairing – any brands! Get in touch today

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Oven Repair Services Melbourne

Any problems with your oven call us now - we fix them up efficiently without a hassle! Easy booking – industry standard warranties – fixed price – fully satisfying outcomes, guaranteed! With

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Dishwasher Repair Melbourne

Issues with your washer? No problem! We have the experience and expertise required to have them running in no time! At Western Appliances, get reliable and efficient solutions at a very cost-effective

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Washing Machine Repairs Melbourne

Have your washing machine operating again efficiently at a very cost-effective rate. We only work with high-quality spare parts and handle all brands of appliances and provide industry standard warran

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Dryer Repair Melbourne

Our team of skilled and experienced technicians will get your broken dryer working again using only genuine working parts and providing industry standard warranty on all repairs. It can also be co

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If you have a home appliance that is in need of repair, like an electric ovens, dish washer, washing machine and dryers. then schedule an appointment today.